This blog is my general mutterings on life as a mother, wife and homemaker.

I have spawned 3 children, Isla who is 7, Evelyn (more commonly known and Jeebs, story for another time) who is 5 and Reggie who was born in August 2016. I’ve spent some of this time being a full time mumma, 100% embracing the homemade play dough and pissy pants in BHS cafe; and some working as a Family Worker where I regained part of my brain and identity paired with a little added ‘parent guilt’.

We’re an outdoorsy family and love to travel. We’ve always been the ‘whatever the weather’ type and having married into military life our kids now share the love of puddles and adventure. We recently added a Hungarian Vizsla puppy to the mix (newborn baby and puppy is a walk in the park right!?) sensibly named Angus. If left to Jeebs he would’ve been called ‘Bent’ or ‘Sport Rat’.

I was bought up in a mega creative household with an Art Teacher/ Textile Designer for a mother. This has rubbed of on my siblings and I who all get stupidly excited about whoever’s next project (there’s many a whatsapp conversation re this or just generally laughing about our parents).

I hope you enjoy my failings and successes of life and motherhood!!