We bought our house just over a year ago and have been slowly renovating it. But with my maternity leave drawing to an end and getting fed up with living in a building site we decided to have one final push to get it finished. My husband took some time out of work and we have spent the past few weeks living and breathing DIY, hence my absence on here of late.

After a few weeks, I literally felt like my hand was in a permenant claw shape from holding a paint brush. We’ve been taking it in turns to do the school run whilst the other gets cracking in the house and we haven’t downed tools until 9 at night (omitting caring for the kids obviously).

My mum messaged me asking how things were going, my response was “This house is sucking out my soul!”, slightly exaggerated but I’m sure you get the gist of how I was beginning to feel. My mother never fails to shine some sort of hippy shit onto a situation. Her response was “breathe”. With roller in hand and my phone in the other my reaction was quite simply ‘ugh’ and an eye roll.

The weekend came and our friends invited us to the beach for a dog walk. We very nearly didn’t go but the kids were bored, we were bored and the dog was being a needy pain in the arse. What the hell, let’s go wild and take the day off!!


After losing each other and driving down a road with the biggest pot holes (anyone with a husband who likes his car will I’m sure empathise with the in car atmosphere pot holes creates) we made it to the beach.

The minute we set foot on the beach I could feel the tension leaving me. It was like I did the biggest sigh followed by “that’s better”. The sun was out and it was so warm for the UK coast in March. The kids had their shoes and wellies off running in and out of the sea, the dog was no longer a nuisance and it felt AMAZING! We even managed a picnic outdoors rather than in the boot of the car. The beach has always had this effect on me. I crave it, I just didn’t realise it was exactly what I needed.

So Mother, with your hippy shit, you were right. I did need to breathe.

Now refreshed… on with the decorating!

Pictures by Lone Pine Pics