Am I completely mental for not wanting this pregnancy to end!? I’m pretty sad about it, especially knowing that this will be the last time I will ever feel a little one wriggling on the inside.

I love being pregnant, I find the whole thing fascinating and magical. Now, I am pretty jammy in that I have only ever suffered very mild pregnancy symptoms so being ‘with child’ is less of a physical struggle for me than for some. I am 37 weeks today, so full term. I am in no way prepared physically (still no hospital bag packed) or mentally (is this actually happening). I wonder whether this baby will make a surprise early arrival when I’m not expecting it or will hang on until I’m a bit more ready to have my body back. I’m definitely not at the “UGHH, get this baby out of me” stage yet although I am looking forward to being able to rearrange myself at night without feeling like a seal and being able to go longer than an hour without peeing would be nice.

But what will I do without a shelf to balance my tea on!?