I’m always so keen to know what the girls have been up to at school. This is generally how the conversation goes…

“How was your day at school sweetie?”


“What did you get up to?”

“Can’t remember. What did you bring me to eat?”

This was all I ever learnt about my children’s day at school unless something catastrophic happened (like they ran out of pizza before they got in the queue or big sister snubbed little sister in the play ground).

I decided to try a different approach. Surprisingly it worked. Today I have learnt all about the boy who washed one of the pet snails down the sink and have heard excited accounts of learning about the Tudors (we covered the wives of Henry VIII, there was only mention of the one that lived, perhaps the teacher is easing them in.) I definitely did NOT have to google the correct Roman numerals!!

This is what I’ve tried so far –

What made you laugh today?

Who was kind to you today?

Who were you kind to today?

Did anything make you sad today?

What was your favourite part of the day?

Tell me something about your day.

Was there anything you didn’t enjoy today?

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

What did you find tricky?

Who would you like to sit with tomorrow?

I’ve also found timing key. I’ve Straight after school…no good. They usually divulge most when they think they’re getting extra time at bedtime after stories. Here’s hoping these questions will give you a little more than the standard “Can’t remember”.