When our Mila & Pheebs craft boxes arrived through the post I quickly squirrelled them away with the mind to saving them. My husband was due to spend the week away with work so I decided they would take a fantastic distraction when he left, it worked an absolute treat!On the way back from the train station after dropping Daddy off, I told them I had a surprise for them each. The were thrilled that they had their very own little box of surprises to open. My girls LOVE stationary and anything crafty so they were over the moon with their boxes. I was really impressed with how much is crammed into these letterbox sized boxes. Isla had the ‘Sweet Treat’ box whilst Evie’s was ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.


The quality of the contents was great and it all looked very appealing to little eyes. Most pre-packed craft activities don’t necessarily lend themselves to independent play but with a little instruction (for my younger daughter anyway) they were well engrossed in their activities and I was able to get on with a few jobs, perfect.
Evie is an all or nothing kind of girl and doesn’t generally sit for long periods focussed on an activity but she was so happy for well over an hour with her bits and bobs, which for me was bliss!

Copy of Mila & Pheebs Craft Box Review 2There was a good mix of activity sheets and enough stationary to create something using your own imagination. Isla’s favourite thing is her box was the Scento crayons. Evie’s favourites was the rainbow crayon and the note book.

Mila & PheebsMila & Pheebs offer a subscription service for £10 a month to receive a new box full of  themed stationary or you can buy one off boxes and separate stationary.
If you had all the time and energy you could probably create something similar yourself however the novelty of it being prepared and in a lovely box is definitely worth it. I will definitely be heading over to Mila & Pheebs in the future. The boxes would be perfect to take on a long journey or on holiday. The girls will definitely be getting a box each when we go camping in the summer.