Having upped my exercise intensity I have found that I’ve been struggling to recover afterwards. I felt like I needed to be adding protein after a more intense workout to aid recovery.

So, it was incredibly handy that Multipower sent me their bars to try. I usually try to add the extra protein from natural courses, eggs chicken etc but having a quick solution is so convenient. Not having time to do stuff is basically my life story, whipping up a preschool omelette is not normally doable.

These bars are low in sugar which is a win and have 27g of protein. Win win! The variety of flavours are great and they’re only 200 calories per bar. They have fast a slow releasing proteins which provides a sustained release of protein.

I can’t however help but feel slightly cheated when one says ‘chocolate flavour’. My brain says chocolate bar…which it clearly isn’t. I wouldn’t say that one is amazingly delicious but then neither is porridge and I still eat that because it’s good for me (eye roll). Also, I have never tasted a protein supplement that is actually delicious. They’re definitely one of the tastier ones I have tried (Berry Yoghurt is my fave).

I will still try to add protein from my diet naturally as I always have however these are absolutely ideal to grab after a workout.