When you’re called considering a post exercise proteiny snack, let’s be fair all you’re after is a quick and easy, delightful, guilt free bit of vending machine troughing. You just need something to smash in your face to keep the hunger at bay until it’s time for lunch. A handy packet of hula-hoops or a snickers would be ideal but that would only undo you trial by treadmill and make all the blood, sweat and tears ultimately redundant.

The Multipower 40 % Protein Fit Bar are certainly guilt free alternative to that alluring Tesco Meal Deal, with a calorie count coming in at less than two apples per bar, you can certainly get snacking without the worry of losing ground on your goals. Unfortunately though it must be said, in terms of taste gratification the Multipower Protein Bar falls slightly short of a fistful of peanuts that I have be known to readily get amongst after a workout. The texture is indeed like any other protein bar, in that it slightly resembles play dough and although you can never go wrong with covering anything with chocolate the main flavourings taste slightly mechanical and too enhanced. The Blueberry (although my favourite) repeated a lot on me throughout the day and although annoying at first, later proved a timely reminder of how smug I could be having smashed a load of phys earlier that day.

As protein bars go, these are by no means the worst, in fact I’d stick my neck out and say they’re probably one of the best, certainly taste wise. In terms of aiding exercise goals, I’d have to carry on with but alas my supply ran out. Reasonably priced and nutritionally balanced, the only pounds you’ll be gaining are in your pecs and in your purse.

Review written by my delightful brother George Brown.