Regardless of whether you’re having your first baby or you’ve been here before (how easy is it to forget between babies!), you don’t want to be caught without the essentials. I am a lover of lists; I even make lists within lists. To prepare for my babies I have in the past created the mother of all lists so that I know I have just what I do (and don’t) need from the very beginning.

As you start to get things together, keep in mind that babies require many things (you probably know this already) for proper care: to cleanse, protect, soothe, stimulate and nourish.

And, even though there will be a lot to make or buy, consider that usually what you need is something that can be pretty simple in essence. It many ways and circumstances, the least you can get away with is ideal, such as when you opt for natural baby products with minimal ingredients over pushed-brand not-so-safe versions with tons of weird stuff inside. Baby Mantra nappy rash cream is all natural and perfect for keeping in your changing bag or nursery too.

Here’s a basic checklist of necessities for your newborn:

• Nappies (you’ll need more than  you’d ever imagine!)
• Natural baby soap and cloth wipes
• Changing mat
• Changing bag
• Pram
• Baby carrier
• Baby grows (plenty of them too)
• Swaddle blankets
• Natural nappy rash cream
Organic baby lotion – perfect for keeping your babies skin soft and supple
• Muslins
• Mobile for the car and home
Natural nipple cream for you – this stuff is like miracle cream for sore nips.
• Nursing bra and pads
• Swing or rocker
• Car seat
• Reusable water bottle and snacks to keep you nourished (Mumma needs looking after too)
• Gentle laundry detergent
• Baking soda and vinegar to remove stains

Baby Mantra provide all the gentle, natural and safe baby products you need to be ready to take care of your baby the way you want. As you will soon find out, this list is not comprehensive. There will be some things you use loads and others that you’ll wonder why you ever bought.

Rachel*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Baby Mantra.