My girls are the only people I know who can have an argument, arguing the same point. They love each other dearly (I’m sure they do) but my god the sibling fighting. They seem to go through phases of constant bickering. Regardless of this, they still cannot leave each other alone. They seek each other out, just to wind each other up. When we’re headed for climbing the walls the only option is to get out the house.

We’re very much an outdoorsy family so this isn’t new to the kids however every single god damn time I dare mention leaving the house I’m hit with the worlds most almighty wave of excuses and general monotone complaining. Despite my best efforts, it’s impossible to block out the noise. Arguments of not wanting wellies on, not that coat (it makes her look funny apparently), not wearing gloves, not going for a wee, it goes on. Constantly. Until we’re out.

Then miraculously it stops.

All of a sudden they’re actually playing together, smashing icy puddles, collecting sticks, playing horseys, being dare I say, nice to each other. And I can breath, clear my head of all the noise they’ve created, and I gradually stop wanting to swear at them.
Sometimes the struggle to get out doesn’t seem worth it. Those fights consume so much energy I wonder whether there’s any point.


Back home, film on, hot chocolate, happy children and a happier, less stressed mumma.