Reggie is 6 weeks old now, err where the bloody hell has that gone!? I’ve had my check with the docs and all is ok. So, it’s about time to dust the Nike’s off,  eeek. I have completely indulged in the past 6 weeks. I was so good towards the end of pregnancy so have taken full advantage of feeling tired and needing a sugar pick-me-up. Baby snuggles, breastfeeding and cake is a pretty good combo. Having said that I am now in the very in-between phase of maternity clothes feeling too big and not fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes. I am beginning to feel a little fed up not feeling good in my clothes.

I have kept pretty active during pregnancy and over the past 6 weeks with dog walking and I promised myself I would walk the kids to school now I’m on maternity leave. I’m hoping this will mean I still have a small level of fitness but I guess I won’t really know until I get out there.

I’m pretty certain my stomach muscles are non existent and won’t cope with anything too heavy so I will start just by getting my arse moving. My mum has recently completed the Couch to 5K having never ran before so if she can do it then so can I!

Why is my fitness gear made out of lycra!?!? Bag on head is acceptable right? Here goes…..