1. Firstly, I would like to use the term progress lightly.

My biggest fail so far was going for a run…I overlooked the fact that I now have ginormous milk filled boobs. This is not an issue I usually have to deal with, my standard crop top bras are NOT quite man enough for any type of jiggly activity anymore.

Picture this, I start my run feeling full of enthusiasm and motivation. It didn’t take me long to realise I was not dressed appropriately. Anyone tried to run without moving up and down before? It makes for an interesting technique  thats for sure. I’m just glad I couldn’t see myself.

I then opted for an in-house HIIT workout. Specifically, one from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. I have followed him on social media for a while and use quite a few of his recipes regularly. The exercises are high intensity but the whole workout is quick which works perfectly for a busy mumma. Jeebs wanted to join in which I love, more for lols than anything else. Nowt like being out burpeed by a 5 year old though! At one point I noticed her running up and down with her hands on her chest. She was copying my failing attempt to keep my boobs under control.

I continue to walk a lot, averaging at about 1 hr 40mins a day during the week. This is only easy because of the school run then taking the dog for a walk. These jobs I HAVE to do so I can’t even make up an excuse not to get out. I start to feel stir crazy when it’s just me and Reggie at home. The dog walk definitely breaks the day up when I’m having a ‘job day’ at home. We always walk at the weekend with the kids too but I really enjoy the head space it brings when it’s me, dog and baby.

So along with my interesting exercise techniques,  I am excited to start using Slendertone Connect Abs as part of a product review. They advise not to start using it until you are 12 week post-partum (which is this week)!

Lets hope I can use the word ‘progress’ literally soon.