With our closest family members 5 hours away and our love of exploring our beautiful country, long distance car journeys are something we do a fair amount. Travelling with a young family can be pretty stressful at times so to reduce possible disaster, we the husband carries out these checks to reduce all possibility of breaking down. Surely there’d be nothing worse than breaking down en route to somewhere fun with a car full of children and their paraphernalia. 

Stu likes to start the journey with a clean car, inside and out. To be truthful this makes no sense to me, the kids will only mess it up however it is pretty nice to leave in a shiny car. That and it is easier to clean when we return.

Oil levels – albeit something that gets sorted with a service it’s one that will always be checked before a long journey, just to be on the safe side.

Tire pressure and tread – Something so basic to check yet essential when avoiding accidents. If you live in London you can book online for free for replacement tyres with DAT tyres, how handy is that?

Windscreen washer and engine coolant levels – we once were on our way to a wedding and realised that the windscreen wash had frozen. It was that time of year when the roads were gritted and filthy so the wind screen was covered. We kept having to stop and wash the windscreen with water so that we could see the road. Scary! Lesson learnt, always check levels and make sure there’s enough detergent in to stop it freezing!

These checks only take a few minutes and could prevent accidents and breakdowns which is especially important when travelling with children.


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