This is not a post about trying to convert your fussy eater into a salad loving delight. It is about lying and being deceitful! I’m all for conversion but it takes a loooooong time so in the meantime, whist you’re trying to add visible vegetables onto a plate of beige food here’s how you can assure they’re at least getting some goodness in their diet.

This is the reaction I get when I am brave enough to serve something other than beige food!

Sneaking Goodness Into a Fussy Eater

…and then this is what happens when I serve beige food but DARE to add a tiny piece of poison to the plate.


Needless to say the battle of goodness has not been won! Quite frankly, I don’t always have  the energy to face the battles so this is how I cheat….

1. Invest in a Mini Chopper or blender.

Hands up who’s child sits for four hours painstakingly picking out every tiny piece of onion out of their bolognese? If you can chop it small enough, they will never know! So, I cook my onions and garlic first, then blend into a paste. Then mix it back in once I’ve cooked my  mince and it disappears! One if my children can literally spot a piece of onion in her food from across the room. I never thought this would work but it totally does! Aha, Mumma wins this meal time. I’ve even snuck things in without the husband realising. Raw mushrooms blend pretty well too, and one they’re cooked they look just like mince. I have before blended spinach in white sauce for fish pie. So, we had pink fish (salmon), yellow fish (smoked haddock), white fish (cod) and……green fish. I have no idea how I pulled that one off but it was a huge win on my part.

2.  Grate on the tiny side of the grater.

Carrots and courgettes grate well and can be disguised in things like shepherds pie, lasagne or pasta sauce.

3. Smoothies and Milk Shakes

This is where I win the most and get the most goodness in. Here I am assuming your child will even drink a smoothie. If they don’t, perhaps try buying the Innocent ones with a straw. Kids love a carton and a straw. Then move on from there. Call it something else, Incredible Hulk Juice or Fairy Party Juice. Put it in a fancy cup or a bottle that hides the colour (I sometimes wonder what is hidden in a Fruit Shoot bottle, is it luminous orange!?). Anything thats novel basically. My kids will now drink smoothies fully aware of whats in there but there was a time I hid in the kitchen preparing. We had to work up to the green ones though, after all anything green is from the devil.

So far I’ve managed to sneak into smoothies –

  • Spinach and kale in smoothies
  • All sorts of berries in smoothies
  • Avocado
  • Almond milk, and actual almonds
  • Milled linseed and sesame seeds
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Apples

We’ve tried a few that havn’t gone down well. Maybe I was being slightly ambitious with carrot and beetroot, they don’t seem to blend well. The texture is awful and even made me shudder.

I hope my lies will help some sneak vitamins into their fussy child!



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