I was kindly sent some Sudocrem Care and Protect to review. Nappy rash is something we’ve managed to avoid… until now. I have a feeling it’s teething related but little Reg is suffering with a sore, red bum! I’ve found over the years that bum out time helps heal nappy rash a treat.

We have always used regular Sudocrem for nappy rash and other childhood ailments. It’s amazing what a bit of magic cream can cure!

Firstly I noticed that this cream is a lot thinner than it’s white, pastier sister. It goes on far easier and doesn’t seem to sit on top of the skin. You can tell by the texture that it’s creating a barrier but still managing to let his skin breathe and heal underneath. Its super easy to use, even whilst changing a wiggly baby, the flip-top aids a one handed pro in nappy changing. All the ingredients are hypoallergenic and are suitable for newborns. It has a slightly antiseptic smell but I don’t mind this at all.

A bit of air time to his bum teamed with Sudocrem Care and Protect to prevent him getting any sorer has done the job! I will continue to use this cream to help prevent any flare ups whilst he’s teething.