Pregnancy and Motherhood is a hugely exciting time. However, it can be a bit scary too. Your body changes beyond recognition and although it is doing an amazing thing, that combined with the prospect of becoming a Mum and being completely responsible for another person can be a little overwhelming. It’s not unusual to have a bit of an identity crisis when you become a Mum. People talk to your bump, about children but you are still you, just with a bump. It doesn’t help that none of your wardrobe fits you anymore. Yes, you are a Mum, but you are still you and we believe it’s really important to feel like you through this life changing time.

It all starts with Maternity wear.

‘All maternity wear is ugly/expensive/mumsy.’ The truth is, there are now lots of great maternity ranges on the high street and it needn’t cost a fortune. Our advice is to invest in a capsule wardrobe. Brilliant basics that will fit your bump comfortably and give you a great blank canvas to work from. These include; jeans (black and blue), vests (black, white and striped), leggings, bra and a dress that makes you feel amazing. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself – you might not get the chance to do it again for a while and you are definitely going to get wear out of these pieces for the next few months!


Now the fun starts – adding your own sense of style.

Review your own wardrobe first – there will be lots of things that you can still wear whilst pregnant – coverups, shoes, accessories, jewellery. These can be items that make you feel like you, so continue to wear them during your pregnancy if you can.

Treat yourself.

If you enjoy a bit of a shopping spree – then do it! If you worry about spending money on something you’ll only wear for a few months, buy non-maternity items you can still wear afterwards. These can be a great pair of shoes, and incredible statement necklace or a new leather jacket. If you are looking for new clothes, why not try non-maternity brands like COS or Mint Velvet who have certain styles which due to their cut and design they often allow a bit of wriggle room for petite bumps. Or Isabella Oliver who design clothes to be worn both during and after pregnancy. If you do want to treat yourself to a maternity item – then places like ASOS, Topshop and New Look take items from their standard range and tweak for a maternity cut, proving that having a bump doesn’t have to stop you from sporting the latest trends, plus it won’t cost you the earth.

Be you.

Once baby is here, again it can be difficult to justify spending money on you or even putting clean clothes on as they’ll bound to be covered by something in a few hours! Being a Mum is the greatest job, but you are still you so feel free to dress like you. If you have a special occasion coming up – go all out! Grab the chance to get dressed up and make yourself feel great! Don’t keep your favourite items hidden in your wardrobe (well, maybe the dry clean only ones!). Look for items that can be thrown on quickly but look fab – a relaxed fit dress, super chic trainers, incredible fitting jeans. Looking in the mirror and seeing you looking back is a really positive thing during this amazing, but sometimes crazy time.

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